Monday, March 11, 2013


Most Wanted Fine Art @ 5015 Penn Avenue is hot, hot, hot on GA/GI eve, April 5th with a slate of exhibits and performances. John Lysak and his students from the Edinboro University Print Department will host their annual show. Also on hand is MWFA's house band Snafu, and specials guests the Impossebulls, a digital rap group managed by former Public Enemy member, Chuck D.

Said Nina Sauer, of Most Wanted Fine Art, "We're happy to add components that help reinforce the GA/GI festival's tech and art mission; at the same time we increase awareness about all the great things we do on Penn Avenue." 

Also on the gallery's meaty plate is this!...

It was 5 years ago, when two chatting strangers came up with the concept of a global competition for video game designers. Soon it was running out of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon, one of GA/GI Fest's first partners as well. Today the competition is sponsored by by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), and the name for the event is the Global Game Jam! Sabrina Haskell Culyba of Schell Games has been one of the organizers of the Pittsburgh session for the last three years along with her fellow IGDA members Gabe Yu and Manoj Anand. The event has "grown to one of the largest in the United States with participation world-wide leaping to 11,000 in 2013." 

The Pittsburgh competition was held this past January at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Newbies and seasoned gamers alike formed 24 teams “all in” for the 48 hour game building event. On the GGJ site of a "First Hand Account," it was noted: "Beyond students from AIP and Carnegie Mellon University, were aspiring and professional artists, computer scientists, game designers and developers who brought their laptops, accessories, sleeping bags, deodorant, creativity, collaborative spirit, and good humor.”

The joy, and verve of Pittsburgh's Global Game Jam will be shared at GA/GI on Friday April 5th during Unblurred on Penn Avenue. Most Wanted Fine Art will host a GGJ showcase being brought in by Haskell, Thom Och and Heidi McDonald. On Friday night in MWFA's lower level, they share gamer's art, sketches and preliminary work on Saturday, April 6,winning games from the competition, and other video game fare can be sampled and played by festival goers.

MWFA Gallery is open 6-11pm  Friday, April 5 and Saturday April 6 from Noon to 4 pm
for further info visit
the event FB Page here.

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