Thursday, March 7, 2013


SAFE LIGHT, a Father-Son, multi-media collaboration between Nick and Dennis Childers, exhibiting digital prints and an experimental video installation. It's part of  GA/GI Fest at the monthly First-Friday gallery crawl on Penn Avenue. There will be snacks, drinks and live music.

The safelight was once a tool used to help photographers see when printing in traditional black and white chemical darkrooms. As the name suggests, it kept light-sensitive paper safe from exposure while making it possible to print with film enlargers in darkness, shrouding a room with just enough dim red light to see. This Father-Son multi-media collaboration explores this concept through digital prints, alternative digital photo methods and an experimental video installation sculpture.

Exhibition Hours for GA/GI Friday, April 5 from 7-10 pm  Sat, April  6 from 2-5 PM. Visit the Irma Freeman Facebook event page for other exhibition times.

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