Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina

Cemeon's art at BFG Cafe
The clock is ticking down as new folks line up their programs for the GA/GI event on Friday, April 5th and 6th. Here's a few more of the Friday night highlights. GA/GI meets Tech Shop! Pittsburgh and Bakery Square's newest technology create-make-n-take venue will be on hand at Edge Studios 5411 Penn Avenue. They are paired up with robotics artist Donald Jones, who designs and builds assemblage robot sculptures from found and recycled materials. Jones’s cycling robot "Cycle Sam" will return along with Banner Bob, Maintenance Mat and many new robotic creations. For more on Jones visit Jones Robo-Works, here. The Big Fat Greek (BFG) Cafe @5335 Penn Avenue tells us they've got a five-artist show planned curated by sculptor Susan Wagner. It will include artists Loretta Helene, L.J. Sweitch, Paula Weiner, Wagner herself and Illuminated art by Cemeon.  Plus look out for cool festival stuff happening at Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina at 5491 Penn Avenue....More on all of this later!

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