Monday, March 11, 2013


GASP is excited to open its doors to the GA/GI Festival! Stop on in on Friday, April 5th and see what awesome new things GASP has cooking! 

Since 1969, GASP has been fighting to bring you the clean air you deserve. As part of GASP, the Athletes United for Healthy Air Program empowers local athletes to fight for healthy air. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking your dog through Frick Park, running down Penn Avenue, or taking a dip in the Mon, if you’re on the move, you need clean air!

At GA/GI Fest during Unblurred on Penn, GASP tells us they will celebrate the re-launch of their Bike Monitoring Project funded with a Google grant. This innovative, volunteer based project takes state of the art Dylos Air monitoring equipment, GPS software, a bicycle, and your leg power and allows them to count air particulates along your favorite bike routes. Particulate matter can lead to respiratory, cardiovascular, and even neural problems. They need two wheeled eco warriors willing to take monitors with them on their cycle commutes. The data gathered will be used to understand where the problem places are in the Pittsburgh area which will fuel the dialogue needed to suggest improvements and solutions. They will have sign up sheet for the monitors at GA/GI, and GASP wants to see your name on it. So,if you have a bicycle you can exercise, be eco-friendly and aid GASP in it's mission.  

GASP will also be displaying the hard work of students from Pitt’s Computer Science Department, who have been working diligently to digitally map out the particulate counts. Be at GASP's Pittsburgh head quarter's @ 5135 Penn Avenue @ GA/GI Fest on Friday, April 5th to get the full scoop on how clean your air really is....And while you’re there, be sure to ask about their other fantastic programs: the Athletes United for Healthy Air Toolkit, AQI school flag program, Clean Air Dash, an upcoming festival this fall and BREATHE, partnering with  GASP on one of the most important environmental health initiatives ever undertaken by the Heinz Endowments.

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