Sunday, February 10, 2013


Open the evening of GA/GI@ Modern Formations, 4919 Penn Ave is a collection of work by four of this city's most enduring artists: Susan Constanse, Jean McClung, John Morris and Laurie Trok. Collectively, they've been showing work for over six decades, creating art that, haunts, enlightens, mesmerizes, and intrigues. For this installation, Constanse is a formalist, working primarily in paint, collage and drawing media;her pieces depicting not a moment but a time span. Morris works with the forgotten and found; testing boundaries between art/non art, while McClung  combines images from mixed media paintings done over several decades utilizing photographs of urban life.Trok, for her part, works with cut paper, playing with the idea of space and time, both in the action and in the process.  

Says Modern Formations owner Jen Quino Hedges, "GA/GI Festival, has helped me give a home to a number of very interesting artists over the years. 'Four Suites' features artists who connect to each other through the use of light, environment, found objects and images." She added,"Since one of GA/GI's goals is to exhibit the relationship between art and science,'Four Suites' and the festival now have a unique bond."
View the thought provoking exhibit--Four Suites-- during GA/GI @ Unblurred on Friday evening April 5th and come back for networking at the opening Reception on Saturday, April 6 from 7pm-10pm.

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