Monday, February 11, 2013


water vortex

 At GA/GI 2013 David Edwards of Art Engery Design, one of the festival's founders whose kenetic Power Flower has been linked with the event since its inception, will offer an interactive experience combining flowing water and light, illuminating the art in technology.

Liquid Light is a collection of hands-on exhibits that investigate water's ability to bend, reflect and transport light. Visitors can tinker with kinetic artworks, manipulate water to impel contraptions that explore the science of light, color and the nature of perception. Featured are lighted laminar flows, controllable water tornadoes, wave refraction pool, water prisms and image wave projection.

Liquid Light is a traveling art exhibition, teaching activities for the needs of specific venues and can be tailored to a variety of age groups. The program is mobile and can make its way to YOUR venue. Call 412-487-0621.
Laminar Flow Stream
Liquid Light programming is sponsored by a Spark grant from the Sprout Fund our Penn Avenue neighbor at 5423 Penn Avenue.

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