Friday, February 8, 2013

LIGHTS! CAMERAS! FASHION! GAGI Melds w/ Eunsuh Choi Exhibition at Pittsburgh Glasss Center

Eunsuh Choi forms countless tiny glass rods into a cube composed within a perfect hexahedron. Choi works her way through a psychological journey that juxtaposes aspiration and limitation; meanwhile, the forms in her art shift to reflect the mental work. She has produced a succession of melting icicles, ladders, cages, boxes, and trees. 

When Team GAGI's Fashion Division heard from The Pittsburgh Glass Center her work would be featured as part of the festival's fourth year, they were more than inspired. Said Fashion Director, Kristin Barker, "This is how we do things. We let everything the festival has to offer be part of who, and how we plan. Ms. Choi's work is very eco and we love it.

Angie Fec and Kristin Barker
Featured artist Angie Fec of Sew Addicted, who wowed the crowds at last year's extravaganza plans to put a models on ladders, honoring Choi's work, as well as planning over-the-top glitzy and glimmering looks for a mega photographer's shoot. In addition, jewelry by Choi will be showcased and noted Pittsburgh glass and fashion designers will have items available to the public for sale.

Can't wait to see what else the glam girls will do. Keep ya posted!

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