Friday, February 8, 2013


Kate Watson-Wallace
Part, theater, part dance party, part runway; an experiment within an experiment, "Mash Up Body", presented by the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, is multi, disciplinary with all the additives for a "meditation on mulit-layered identity," Folks who have seen the preliminary rehearsals note that the DJ is awesome. It's all performed under the choreographic direction of Kate Watson-Wallace with music man Christopher Sean Powell, drama guy Jaamil Kosoko, and dancesters Devynn Emory, Jasmine Hearn, Cori Olinghouse, and Marjani Forte. The first performance is the evening of Unblurred's GA/GI Fest on Friday, April 5. The performers have a note for would-be fans: "Dear audience, you are part of the set design. Please wear all gray to the show. If you don’t have proper clothing, we will provide it for you at the event."  7pm mixer. 8 pm performance@ the Alloy Studios 5530 Penn Avenue (formerly the Dance Alloy). For more info click here.

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